Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Holidays '13 Part 5 (last): Filiming as an extra

By chance, Isa was given an opportunity to do an extra role in a short movie.
I don't have much details yet for the showcast as yet.
Anyway here is some parts of it behind the scenes. 

Time for report was 7am. 
Breakfast was provided. We were too stoned to eat.

Here are the parents with their children.


Hey this is my very famous international make up artist friend
A very good friend of mine.

His assistant starting putting on light make up for the children.

Director tried to warm the children up by playing a ice breaker game. 
Works well from what I see.

The guy in stripes is the Producer. The guy in black is in charge of Music and Sound.
Kind of weird to see my son with make up.
Thank goodness it was just some loose powder.

The wardrobe artist.

The 16 children.



The children were ready!

The director.

Isa was hooked up with a wireless mic for his lines. 

Boy, I didn't think learning lines was that difficult.
He was that tired.

He need a much needed break.

In the last three days of this holiday, Isa spend 3 days filming, learning and had lots of fun!
Thank you Uncle Linus and Director for giving Isa a chance to learn more about your work.
What a special way to end this June holidays!

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