Monday, June 17, 2013

June Holidays '13 Part 4: Sand play and PlayMobile Treats at Sentosa on 15 June 2013

Before we embark on our 25min drive ride.
We moved off at around 9am.

"Where are we going mama?" Model 2 asked as Model 1 is on strike.

One of my best shots of the day.

Models 1,2, 3 all caught in action.
I am more that glad that korkor volunteered to push mei mei in the stroller.
We had a long walk from the Beach Carpark to Siloso Beach.


Ms Fussy still prefers to sit on the picnic mat than the sand.

We shifted her to another corner after we realized she was sending "flying sand" to our picnic mats.

The "please get me out of here" look.

Mr Sunshine Boy was very happy to find a seashell.

He still prefers to squat than sit.

It doesn't feel like Sentosa for a moment.

Just some random group of young adults having a game session.
How I miss this fun when I was younger.

My helper weaved a pair of glasses out of palm leaves.
She told me she used to do them back in hometown in her younger days. Money were meagre and they could not afford toys or anything luxurious.
Set me thinking on how fortunate our kids are these days.

At about 11am, as the sun got more scorching, we stopped our sand play and shifted our plans for somewhere else.

I know there was a Playmobile Event going on at Imbiah Lookout so we hop on the Sentosa bus to our next destination.

Dora's first bus ride! 


Dora was literally falling asleep when she sat down in front of this figure.
She was that tired.

The dancer-performer Santrialala.

Even Ms Sleepy was so interested in his dance moves!

After 4hours+ of sun, surf and play, this is what you get.

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