Monday, June 10, 2013

June Holidays '13 Part 2b: River Safari and The Zoo on 5th June

For a change, this day we decided to go by foot the left loop instead.

Image of map from Zoo's official website

Spot the lil man!

Here we managed to spot the Dugongs and manatees

The red stroller is my own. 
Then we had to rent the red wagon. To rent it was an energy saver.
Thought it cost me $15 but it was worth every cent.

This otter has been here since a long time ago.
Isa in 2009.

And she does not find the otter threatening unlike the croc.

See how Ms Bossy is giving us the cue again?
"There!" She pointed.

See how this happy polar is at the new Frozen Tundra area.
Boy, he is huge!! 
Hmm let me guess. I think from head to toe, he is easily 2.5metres tall? 

This is the white guy who was in trouble of lately.

He was just strolling around.

I actually pity the small space he was allocated to.

A pair of wild boars.

Pigmy hippos.

Australia Outback

I felt I was in Perth for that moment.

Tip: You need to bring lots of water for the kids. Caps are good and recommended to bring along else stroller with sun visor.

But there will be a time that they will reject the warm water in the bottle.
Maybe you can try what I did. Pay $4 for a bottle of vitamin water and mix it with water and pour it into their bottle.

Verdict: You will get 2 happy kids with chilled flavoured water to quench their thirst with minimum prompting.
See what I mean?

Us on the tram!

The lil man and me! Sweaty!

After 1.5 hours of animals seeing and panting.. we are finally here!

See how relief they are to be soaking in the cool water!

Mama Connie is very generous about time today.
It was already 1:50pm when I had to halt the waterplay because we have not had lunch yet!

After showering, I did the trick again! This time with cold water from the dispenser.
I do not need to explain much about the lunch at KFC, right?

You know she is so tired cos she literally fell asleep just right there!
She was awake from 8am and it was already 230pm when I took this picture.

We took the tram back to station nearest to the main entrance.
And guess what, the downpour came immediately after we close our car doors.
We were blessed!
What a fun day we had!

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