Saturday, June 08, 2013

June Holidays '13 Part 2a: River Safari and The Zoo on 5th June

Once upon a time, Mama Connie decided to be adventurous with her 2 little kiddos.

River Safari and Zoo..
Here we come!

What a beautiful picture of the 2 kiddos to start off the day.
Thank God for the wonderful weather.

At the entrance of River Safari. Now we know Ms Gungho is afraid of something at least. 

She is so eager to walk.. with someone holding her that is.

We managed to overtake this group of school kids.

Alot of information about river animals were provided on the boards, you can take your time to read..

Just like what this little boy likes to do.. read read read..

and read..

and read.......

He loves to read the map too.. read again..

She is still afraid of any croc.

While the latter prefers to look at something that is moving..

with courtesy of my helper.

He was actually reading.. still..
And she? Just touch anything is within her reach. See how she tries to tip toe?

READ.. again?!!!


and Kaikai

Can you actually see that they actually have stickers resembling bamboos on the glass panels?

Resting our feet at the Panda Cafe.

Nice panda stools

Only 200 are made each day. Very exclusive. So how can I resist not ordering it?

She was eating.. most of the time.

"This is your mouth?"

Then she began exploring, cruising and observing what is this black and white thing is about.

See how domineering she can get?

On the way to the exit.

Then we chanced upon this enclosure area for some breed of monkeys.
You know we are not best of friends.

See if you can spot them in my pictures.

I had to scurry out of that enclosure.

Technically this is the end of our River Safari trip. We did not cover the entire place as the boat ride was not available yet thus they are selling it at a discounted rate of $26 (Normal:$39) and there was no extra surcharge to see Jia Jia and Kai Kai.

The lady at the counter told me that we probably need about an hour or so to cover the entire place. Guess I was considered a slow walker then cos I spent about an hour and I did not cover the entire place as I prefer the kids to focus more time at the Zoo. Read about Zoo trip at my next post.

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