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June Holidays '13 Part 1: D'Kranji Farm Resort on 3rd June

It all began with a purchase done on Groupon. Then it materialized on 3rd June. Here we go!

1 adult and 1 child = 1 big bag!

Fastforward to the road to our Villa.

Pictures with credits to:
D' Kranji Farm Resort Facebook fanpage


The keys to our villa.

Here we are! I like the steps up the room kind of idea. A very kampung house feel.

Our queen size bed.
Did I say there were 4 of us staying over?
Note: There was NO possible service of them providing you the extra mattress even though we offer to pay. 2 extra miserable pillows cost us $11+. No extra blankets were provided either.

The rustic balcony beside the room.

My pop.

Us, camwhoring.

The complimentary stuff.

As usual, Isa cant resist jumping onto the bed. This is like his way of an opening ceremony for the nicely tucked bed.

Up to some mischief while we waited for the rain to stop.

Isa and I were thinking if there was a possibility of us having to own a carpark lot like this. He said yes, I said no.


After the rain, we had a walk to the nearby.


A complimentary 1 hour prawning session was part of the deal.

Lil man choosing his road.

Prawning boss adjusting the fishline for us.


He was looking for prawns while the old man concentrated on threading the hook with baits provided.

Boy, look how engross he is! 

Soon, we got our first prawn!
But old man exerted too much strength that the fishline got entangled in the structure above our heads.
Staff to the rescue!

I know you cant see the prawn, it is in the net. Really.

Then our second one came!

In a span of about 30min, we got 4 in the end! My dad got 2 and I got 2.
Lil man was very good at feeding the prawns with his bait. The prawns somehow bit the bait off and left him a baitless fishline at many occasions. See the lazy way of holding on to the rod.

Then. The next day.


The miserable cafe that provides our complimentary breakfast for two.
I paid another extra of $10+ for another adult and a $5+ for a child.
Which we easily wolfed it down in less than 10 minutes thus no photos were taken.
To be serious: their service was too slow. There were only 2 tables and less than 10 pax to serve.

Adult set:
The coffee/tea is free flow - like who cares ikr.
The typical set of breakfast consist of two slices of ham, 2 eggs, one slice of toast with buter/jam, a spoonful of baked beans and a side of cucumbers with tomatoes salad.

Child set:2 slices of ham, a spoonful of baked beans and 1omelette.

Who are they trying to feed.. srsly.

This part of the stay was the most dissatisfying one, to be honest.


Isa was quite enthusiastic about this part of the stay as a city kid, I am so ashamed to say that he had only seen plantation from the television.

Sunning the soybeans.

The guide gave Isa a freshly plucked corn to eat.
Isa almost could not believe what he heard!

Helping himself to the corn. And he said it was nice, crunchy and sweet!

Jackfruit tree


Lime trees

Banana tree. Can you spot the flower?

Calamansi tree

Who can forgot to place a scarecrow.

Custard apple tree

Jambu tree

I was so excited that I could name this flower!

Soon, our stay at D'Kranji Farm Resort came an end.

I was quite happy to know that Isa enjoyed himself thoughout the trip.

So what are your plans for this June holidays?

Overall review: 8.5/10

Price tag:
  • Will not go again unless otherwise
  • Affordable
  • Worth seeing/going 
  • So expensive!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post in any form. All opinions and observation are of my own. We purchase this deal thought Groupon at a promotion rate of $168. Else normal rate booking on a weekday is available at D'Kranji Farm Resort website.

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