Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy Matters.. Written by Papa Ray

This was a request made from Mama Connie from last week but thank goodness we are in time!
Here I am passing the baton to Papa Ray, for this very special day.


Life Being As A Father

I would say being a father of two has been a fulfilling journey and milestone for me. Well it seems like the days passed fast, with life involving work and family around me. At times it can be a pretty love and hate affair, where patience are tested to endure with complains from my wife and high yelling and cranking voices from the kids. Soon, I realised this has become my daily vitamins to train my mental muscles.
As a father, I have learnt to wear different hats in the family. A huge range of selection consists of army encik, angel from the sky, guard duties, magician, referee, lion dancer, coach, and facilitator. For the interest of my family, I felt the importance to all out and to also fulfill my roles, in order to teach the correct moral values, purpose in life and keep them happy as well.
The return I got back are indescribable. The laughter, joy and bonding with my family are priceless. Perhaps these are my motivation for me, to keep learning and improve as a father. Gone were those days, where father often display a strict and no-nonsense character. Nowadays dealing with new-age kids, I will also need to think out of the box ideas, to communicate and teach my kids, and bring out the best learning outcome for them.
Since today is Father’s day, I would like to wish all father or fathers-to-be, Happy Father’s Day. Now I wish there will be a holiday for us.

16 Jun 13
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