Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Holidays '13 Part 5 (last): Filiming as an extra

By chance, Isa was given an opportunity to do an extra role in a short movie.
I don't have much details yet for the showcast as yet.
Anyway here is some parts of it behind the scenes. 

Time for report was 7am. 
Breakfast was provided. We were too stoned to eat.

Here are the parents with their children.


Hey this is my very famous international make up artist friend
A very good friend of mine.

His assistant starting putting on light make up for the children.

Director tried to warm the children up by playing a ice breaker game. 
Works well from what I see.

The guy in stripes is the Producer. The guy in black is in charge of Music and Sound.
Kind of weird to see my son with make up.
Thank goodness it was just some loose powder.

The wardrobe artist.

The 16 children.



The children were ready!

The director.

Isa was hooked up with a wireless mic for his lines. 

Boy, I didn't think learning lines was that difficult.
He was that tired.

He need a much needed break.

In the last three days of this holiday, Isa spend 3 days filming, learning and had lots of fun!
Thank you Uncle Linus and Director for giving Isa a chance to learn more about your work.
What a special way to end this June holidays!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A message to remember..

I was away in JB for a day trip earlier and I didn't realize that my son sent me this sms till I was back.

He was at my parents' place when he used my sis's IPad to send me this sms but alas he didn't realize that I was not reachable via IMessage as I was on autoroam. He must be wondering why this mama didn't reply him.

This message nearly made me weep.

I miss you and I love too my son.

Monday, June 17, 2013

June Holidays '13 Part 4: Sand play and PlayMobile Treats at Sentosa on 15 June 2013

Before we embark on our 25min drive ride.
We moved off at around 9am.

"Where are we going mama?" Model 2 asked as Model 1 is on strike.

One of my best shots of the day.

Models 1,2, 3 all caught in action.
I am more that glad that korkor volunteered to push mei mei in the stroller.
We had a long walk from the Beach Carpark to Siloso Beach.


Ms Fussy still prefers to sit on the picnic mat than the sand.

We shifted her to another corner after we realized she was sending "flying sand" to our picnic mats.

The "please get me out of here" look.

Mr Sunshine Boy was very happy to find a seashell.

He still prefers to squat than sit.

It doesn't feel like Sentosa for a moment.

Just some random group of young adults having a game session.
How I miss this fun when I was younger.

My helper weaved a pair of glasses out of palm leaves.
She told me she used to do them back in hometown in her younger days. Money were meagre and they could not afford toys or anything luxurious.
Set me thinking on how fortunate our kids are these days.

At about 11am, as the sun got more scorching, we stopped our sand play and shifted our plans for somewhere else.

I know there was a Playmobile Event going on at Imbiah Lookout so we hop on the Sentosa bus to our next destination.

Dora's first bus ride! 


Dora was literally falling asleep when she sat down in front of this figure.
She was that tired.

The dancer-performer Santrialala.

Even Ms Sleepy was so interested in his dance moves!

After 4hours+ of sun, surf and play, this is what you get.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy Matters.. Written by Papa Ray

This was a request made from Mama Connie from last week but thank goodness we are in time!
Here I am passing the baton to Papa Ray, for this very special day.


Life Being As A Father

I would say being a father of two has been a fulfilling journey and milestone for me. Well it seems like the days passed fast, with life involving work and family around me. At times it can be a pretty love and hate affair, where patience are tested to endure with complains from my wife and high yelling and cranking voices from the kids. Soon, I realised this has become my daily vitamins to train my mental muscles.
As a father, I have learnt to wear different hats in the family. A huge range of selection consists of army encik, angel from the sky, guard duties, magician, referee, lion dancer, coach, and facilitator. For the interest of my family, I felt the importance to all out and to also fulfill my roles, in order to teach the correct moral values, purpose in life and keep them happy as well.
The return I got back are indescribable. The laughter, joy and bonding with my family are priceless. Perhaps these are my motivation for me, to keep learning and improve as a father. Gone were those days, where father often display a strict and no-nonsense character. Nowadays dealing with new-age kids, I will also need to think out of the box ideas, to communicate and teach my kids, and bring out the best learning outcome for them.
Since today is Father’s day, I would like to wish all father or fathers-to-be, Happy Father’s Day. Now I wish there will be a holiday for us.

16 Jun 13
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dora's walking off by herself at 16mths+

At about 2pm today.

Then 6 hours later. 

At times like this, I thank God for me staying at home for this moment.

June Holidays '13 Part 3: Science Centre.. with Dora on 12 June 2013

Mama Connie always likes to start off the day with a shot of the kiddos.
We started off this day pretty late at 315pm.

Destination: Science Centre

Fast forward 40minutes later.

We went to the Sound exhibition hall first.

Dora was fascinated with the sound that was coming out from the headphones. There was a delay gratification of the sound if you were to speak into the microphone on the table. I spoke and she appeared shocked in the first picture. Then she pointed to the microphone, as if telling me I should speak into the microphone again.
Love her chubby cheeks.

Then there was this game in which Isa was suppose to identify the sounds made by the different insects/animals and answer them by matching them to the correct buttons with the corresponding pictures of the animals.
Dora's way of telling.. "the sound come from here Mama."

Another instrument which Dora had a go. I think she used the wooden stick to knock on the bronze bowl rather than rubbing the sides.

I simply cannot take 3D glasses.

It is always fun to see how inquisitive a child can be.

At the Uniquely You exhibition hall

Dora is telling where are her teeth!

This is what I call a "tablet" that is too big to swallow.

Apparently the lil man was too short for the sensors so Papa tried to help.

Then the lil girl came along!

Am I slow to realize this or is this something new?

Ok my phone camera not doing justice.

Then we chanced upon this Typhoon Chamber and Papa Ray had a go.

His klutzy character will never wean off.

Then we caught this lil girl swinging her arms and giving me a sweet smile!
I bet she enjoyed herself cos we don't bring her out often.

Dora's version of Wayang Kulik.

After about an hour of walking and exploring, we went back to the Sound Exhibition. Which I suppose is the most attractive one to them.

Even Dora wants to have a go at the Echo Tube.

How interesting. Music can make the sand "dance". See how the patterns changes according to the different vibrations given out by the speaker.

This poster will only catch the eye of a fan.

Photo taken courtesy of the official photographer. 
Yours truely.

They were so caught up in exploring the brochures that both of them are reading the same brochure at the same time.

We ended our day with a adhoc dinner meet up with my folks at Jurong Point.

This joy that we get is simply priceless.

Come back again soon to see where is our next destination for this fun filled June holidays!
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