Friday, May 24, 2013

{Sponsered Review} Part 1 of 2: Philips Coffee Maker

We are very happy that we are sponsored by Philips Singapore for the 2 following products.

Here is my first product.
  • Coffee Maker (Model Number HD7450/20)
Being an avid coffee lover, having a coffee machine at home is a must. And no, I do not need the expresso or the cappuccino. I just want a simple traditional coffee that will give me the perk every morning.

How long would you normally want to wait for a cup of coffee? 15 minutes or even 20 minutes?
I know you will smile if I were to tell you all you need is 10minutes. And while waiting, why not use this time to get dressed up.

This machine was just what I wanted. Hassle free.


You just need to scoop your desired amount of coffee powder into the washable filter.
A scoop comes with the machine. One scoop of powder for one cup of coffee..
 Pour the desired amount of water into the translucent tank.
If you are preparing for 1 person, just pour one cup of water in. 
Increase accordingly to number of cups to be made. 
Simple as that.
This coffee maker can serves up to 6 cups of coffee. 
What a treat if you have some friends over for coffee.
*graphics taken from Philips Singapore website

Switch it on!
*graphics taken from Philips Singapore website

10 minutes later. Viola.. coffee is served. 

Did I also mention that there is a Drip Stop function? 
This means the dripping of water will cease once you remove the glass jar.
No more ugly or dirty stains on the warming plate.

You can keep the rest of the coffee in the glass jar warm by keeping the switch on.
I am so blessed to have nice pipping hot brewed coffee at home everyday.


Philips Singapore is pleased to share with you that there will be a promotion price for this coffee maker for the upcoming Great Singapore Sale (GSS) at only SGD $38! (RP $48)

What a good deal isn't it?

Do follow Philips Twitter page at and participate in the Twitter games to win up to $100 shopping vouchers!
You can find out more here -

This is not all. Do drop by my blog again for the second post of my experience with my second Philips product and also more details will be provided on some good deals for the upcoming Great Singapore Sale (GSS).

#Disclaimer: We received both the chopper and the coffee maker with compliments from Philips Singapore just for review purposes. All information about the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) are provided by Philips Singapore. All other opinions, observation and recipes are of my own.

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