Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My essentials

I think I tried too much to be a Doraemon.

#1: Puzzle book for the lil man. You never know when he will go out on short errands trips or meal time with me. We use this for no-screen time at meals.

#2: IPad Mini: my sanity machine. Reading or games. Whichever.

#3: Mango zip wallet for the cards (nets, debit and credit) and cash. A birthday gift from my ah lao - I think he was trying to get me to like pink?

#4: Sunblock. For emergency use cos this had SPF 50 protection. Kids friendly too.

#5: Balenciaga wallet for the car key and other discount cards. My birthday present for myself for last year.

#6: Tokidoki bag for the woman's essential item. You know what.

#7: Tissue in the big pack. I dislike the tearing up of the small packets so I prefer this.

#8: Wet wipes. Must have.

#9: Lil Man's Ezlink card. With a sling.

#10: LV coin purse. My purchase from LV Paris in 2005. Design not available in SG I think.

#11: Sunglass. One of the many, I have another 2 in the car and dont-ask-me-why.

#12: Keys and token. One set for my place, one set for my mom's.

#13: Portable battery for the phone. It's quite redundant as I usually charge in the car.

#14: Watch that is super under utilised. My 21st birthday gift from my sister.

#15: Ezlink card. I do take train ok?

#16: Coloured pens and markers. Prefer to keep markers, just in case we need to write some greetings on ang baos, dislike the pen ink on ang baos.

#17: Coins that had been stashed aside since last week. What was the thing that I bought for $0.7?

#18: Hairclip. For hair flying days.

#19: Headphones and lightning cable. When I watch shows while waiting for lil man to get off from class.

#20: Candy for the lil man. A surprise for the lil man, works most of the time.

#21: IPhone (not pictured here cos I used it to take photos). A white IPhone 4 with a hello kitty casing going to retire soon.

Ok I think my bag weights a ton.

All nicely tucked in my handbag.
I like it with a sling.

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Adeline Oon said...

Faint. So many things in your bag! You need a bigger one seriously. :p thanks for linking up!

DinoMama said...

You need a camping bag not a handbag!

Anonymous said...

I think your handbag is heavy too!

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