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Living my dream..

My parents were very liberated with us since young. I know I am fortunate enough as my parents are always very supportive towards what we chose for ourselves. 

Jobs is one of them.

So what was your dream jobs when you were young? Did you had the typical choices of doctors, lawyers or teachers? Or the non typical of astronauts, scientist or even pathologists?

Here are my littles dreams that went dematerialized and then to reality choices.

My Dream Jobs


Reason: I used to stay with my Godma and her second son was an intern in the local hospital then. He used to ask me to be his "guinea pig" patient. I would listen to his explanation of the effects of certain medications or even perhaps which medication is recommended to which kind of strain of cold or cough etc. He was the one who told me being a Nurse is a very "good" job. (I read noble) I was very very keen. His 5 years in school plus his intern years were big motivating factors to my dream occupation then. But the thought of working with big pools of blood held me back. This thought to be a nurse hung on a very thin string.

Then it switched.


Reason: My mom was as Admin Assistant for many many years. She used to work in the Engineering Department in this very big local engineering company. She works with Engineers of many kind: Graphic Engineer, Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Software Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Precision Engineer.. you name it all, she knew them all. She knew it was a "good" job which yearns a lucrative remuneration. I was bought into the story of lucrative remuneration. 

Mechatronics Engineering was on the last choice on the sheet which I submitted to the local polytechnic. Bingo.

The last chance I gave was the last semester's industrial attachment. It was not really a very good experience to be frank. But I hung on to the course, completed the course in 3.5 years with 1 repeated module. I knew I made my mom proud. But alas.. the job did not come through.

I was not an ambitious child I know.

My reality jobs

Post O Levels: 
Admin Assistant in a law firm - 6 mths

It was really fun as I attended to phone calls and fix appts for my God Sis's husband. He was very kind and very patient to give me many opportunities for a 16 year old (then) to read and learn about the different types of cases. I also learn how to type properly on a laptop then and "graduate" the job with swift typing skills.

Post Poly: 
Student Care Teacher - 3 years
How ego boosting is that? I was only 19+ when primary school children called me Ms Connie. It was this job that gave me the turning point. The job that made me realize what I really wanted to do. 

Programme Executive - 2.5 years
Took on this job some 8 months after I gave birth to my son. Thought shunning away from teaching would be a more sane choice. It proves me wrong. 

Childcare Teacher - 5 years
I simply love my job to the bits. Yes to be frank, this job involves the cleaning of children's bottoms, vomit and diarrhoea, washing of milk bottles, changing of diapers and at times we are even needed to rock or pat the children to sleep. And it is not a simple job. On top of what was mentioned, I also have to do the admin planning, lesson plan, handling of parents' enquiries and complaints and also write ups of children's portfolio on a quarter basis. 

After working for so many years, I just came to realize something. It is not actually the title nor the remuneration that attracts me. I just want a job that give me a sense of satisfaction. The sense that tells me that I am doing things right, the sense that tells me that I did contribute my bit back to society. That sense that tells me working with children is still my best choice. That was my calling.

I would not say it was a difficult route that I took. Though many detours were taken and years had passed. But now I am only more than proud to tell you that I am very blessed to always have jobs that makes me a happy girl.

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