Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last fews months of K2..

Earlier today, I was at Isa's school for the annual Parents Teachers Meeting. Here was what I had gathered from the teachers.

Feedback from his:

  • Mandarin Teacher:

Needs to work on his recognition of words and also to expose him to speaking more Mandarin. Else he is quite well behaved in class and is considered a teachable child. Needs to build on his confidence to express his thoughts. Speaks very quickly (bad genes from me).

  • English Teacher:

Is able to focus during lesson time but need constant reminders to stay concentrate on activity time. Inconsistency shown in his knowledge on concept on rote counting. (Say, he can count 28,29 then 40). He needs to be encourage on singing rhymes and songs (sorry baby, I know we are not musically inclined). Needs to improve on his reading. Is generally a well behaved child in class, no fighting or arguing of any sort. A very positive child but tends to be shy at times (eg. if he doesn't know the answer to a question, he will not dare to ask but he will try to do).

From the humility point of view, I am just glad that my boy enjoys school. Teacher's feedback are suppose to be good. What say you?

Anyway here are some of the nice works of Isa and his friends that were displayed in their class. I really miss doing these with little children. I wonder when is my calling again.

And why is time flying so fast? You mean my baby is going to be P1 in another few month's time? *gasp*

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