Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grow, grow, grow!

"Everyone is asking me why I am growing so well?
Well it is really that easy.
Just pick your food. 1, 2, 3.


At at a tender age of 16mths, here are Dora's timing for food:

7am: 160ml of formula milk

9-930am: Breakfast 
  • consist either of cereal (cornflakes or honey star kind with fresh milk OR one slice of bread with spread (of kaya or butter)

1130am-12pm: Lunch 
  • ranges from rice with soup OR porridge OR meesua in soup OR fried rice
  • Soup based is purely home cooked either in pork bones with corn or ikan billis with yellow beans. No additional seasoning is put in.
230pm: 160ml of formula milk

430pm: snack
  •  range from small pack of fresh milk with a few biscuits OR slice of bread with spread

630pm: Dinner (similar to lunch)

8pm: Snack (optional depending on her portion of dinner)

930pm: 160ml of formula milk

And of course, in case if you don't know, she is at a whopping 12kg and stands at 82cm at 16mths. All these made possible with the TLC from my helper. Kudos to her.

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