Tuesday, May 21, 2013

19 May 2013: Isa's second Cold Storage Kids Run

Having an avid runner hubs means you will have to join in some sort of running event.
We were there last year.
Ok I admit. I did not even jog. I was simply taking pictures all the way.

It was 730 am when this was pinned on Isa's top.

Ok time fast forward a bit.

9 am: Starting Point.

My enthusiastic runner.

The other enthusiastic one.

Mini me was at home resting, recuperating from the previous day's Family Day with ah lao's company.
Will definitely drag her here next year.

#photos taken with iphone4 with no filter.
How nice the colours are.


Hey! Look whose is here! Its Bob the Builder!

That is the scary crowd you get. By the way, ah lao and Isa were among the 1st/5 waves of the Sunshine Orange Chase. And I was outside the barricade, taking pictures.
 Hehe.. I know I am very smart.

Lil man halfway through the run.
We are so proud of him as the previous year, Ray papa kicked Isa's shoe by accident and Isa grazed his knee. Ray papa had to piggy back Isa to complete the race.
This year, Isa is back, stronger and with some strategies, he picked up his pace and completed his race with lots more pride. Way to go young man.

So while Ray papa and Isa went to complete their 800,000mm race, I went into the carnival area to take some pictures.

How can I miss this beauty. Surmounting the top floor restaurant is still on my to-do list.

And then I caught Kirei Kirei in action!
Anybody want to wash your hands..?


There was also the Cold Storage and Ben 10 mascot.

You can also pledge a shoe to charity

The other side of the carnival with the crowd.
Amazing weather I would say.

Then soon I got a call!

That someone had completed his run!
Mama is so proud of you my baby.

You know.. nobody wanted to take pictures with this poor Mr Colgate Lion mascot.
Maybe his ill fitting pants were not attractive enough.

Unlike Mr Dettol who is full of vibe.


Or maybe Mr Colgate Lion should learn a skill or two from the Zespri mascot to go on bended knees.

I love kiwis!
I bet the person in the mascot outfit is a male.


See. Green is the new black.
 All the children were crowding around Mr Milo and Mr (cute!) Gardenia. 

And best of all. We met beauties which benefitted my ah lao's fetish.
I look huge beside them I know. 
But I like my newly bought sports top and tights!

Last but not least, sample chilled fresh milk to chill us down!
Ok cheapskate me drank.. hmm.. 3 packs? 
Need I explain more about my love for milk.

"So hot! But I want to come back next year!" Isa said.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. 

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