Thursday, April 18, 2013

Isis.. who?

You must have had a raised eyebrow over the name that was in the title of this post. She was the one who gave us inspiration to my son's name (initially it was just for him).

Many a times, people were just curious about how we got to choose about my son's name, while some find it awesome for my son (Thanks Sherman). I guess most of us gone through the same thing: choosing many names and striking them off the list then to realize that you have to choose them all over again. Hubs and I have the same thing in mind when it comes to names for our children. They just need to be unique and meaningful.  

We had picked this name from a Baby Names Book and it falls within what we wanted. This is it.


meaning: a gift from the Egyptian God of Isis: she is the God of Fertility.

It was SO apt. Isadore is the our first child. So he is like the gift from God for us. What else can we ask for?

As for Isadora, it was just a lazy mom at work. Now I have a headache on what to name if we are going to have a #3. And I remember my gynae teased me shortly after I gave birth to my girl: You like to play around with vowels huh?

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