Monday, April 29, 2013

SMB's 1st Celebration: Hokkaido Chiffon class with Munch Ministry..

It was for the first anniversary of SMB that some of us decided to meet again. And we were super uber happy with what was being organised by Munch Ministry

Hokkaido Chiffon Cake!

How apt for a celebration.

Here are the beautiful ladies, mummies, pro photographers, bakers (what other roles?).. all rolled into one place.

Get what I mean pro photographers?

Demo time.
Good partners spontaneously working with each other. 
Did Pauline and Lousia just make baking look so easy?

I love eggs but simply don't have the skills to separate the yolks and the whites properly so needing help from the professional.

See how pro? :D

"Spin spin spin.."

This is my favourite part. My first time learning how to make meringue.
From egg white to bubbles to soft peak!
Sounds easy but it is not. Any traces of water, oil or yolk will affect the fluffing up of the peak.

And actually if you realize, I don't have many of a photograph cos I was intensely learning and following instructions as Jennifer was helping me taking peektures. :D

My partner, Jennifer. :) 
See must pose pose then nice!

So they went into the oven.

175'C, 15-20min.

Freshly out from the oven, our chiffon cake were all puffed out.

Then the puffiness sunk.. miraculously.

See how the colour of the sprinklers match my nails.
It was NOT done on purpose. Serious.

Anyway all done and primly decorated and ready to be packed.

Mum, I know you must be so proud of me.

Photos with credits to Munch Ministry's Facebook fanpage. Thank You Pauline.

And this workshop is all made possible by the organisation by:



mabel :) said...

Connie, you can use the photos I sent you! Hehehe. I just added a photo you took of me putting the decorations to my post! Hehehe :P

nerdymum said...

you worked hard! :p
U have a slave driver for a partner. I saw her torture instrument! haha

Connie Huang Low said...

Thanks Mabel! I will update later again cos I still have more photographs coming in from Jenn :D

Nerdy mum: ah.. bt I was very well taken care of leh! she no torture me leh? *lub lub Jen* hahahah

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