Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY crafts with kids..

The end of the year holidays came and time passed so quickly that it is coming to an end!

And while we were into the long and torturing  December holidays, I had to plan for some crafty activities with the kiddos at my centre. So after some brainstorming and gathering of some ideas from my all time favourite blog Singapore Mommy Bloggers (you girls rawk!). I did the following crafts and food tasting sessions with the kiddos. And technically since we were into the December Christmasy mood, most of our craft were Christmas inspired. Here are my humble sharings:

Week 1: 
Handprints Christmas Wreath

the children getting ready.

The Bong brothers.

A helped MH to trace out the shape of his palms.

End product: MY handprints Christmas wreath.

Week 2: Cookies and Banana Cake

My asst baker demonstrating to the kiddos how to fold in the flour.

upside down banana cake

Week 3: Snow Globe

Materials needed for snow globe

our end products

Week 3: Recycle Materials Flower Pot

Week 4: Scrapbooking with recycled materials (yet again)

Have fun doing art work with your children!

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