Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trial at Gymnademics Toa Payoh Safra

After seeing a few friends' children trying out at Gymnademics, I was interested to give Dora a go.
So email was sent and the trial was booked for today!
We were all pipped with excitment but things was not so smooth sailing cos Dora woke at 6am! Thank goodness she actually took a short nap from 630-730am else I guess she will be all grouchy throughout the trial.

So here we are! They actually opened up 15minutes before the lesson at 915am so as to let the children warm up. Guess who was the eager one?

Dora paying attention to the flashcards. Read more about Glenn Doman.
Thank you to Aunty Candice who helped us took photos for Dora as her Teanne was in the same class!
Mama is always excited to see her friends!

Hanging 10 seconds on the Trapeze.

Then teacher got Dora in swinging action!
Dora loves it!

Somewhat this item was a new item that was introduced today. 
How interesting.

Anyone ready for circus training?

Lets' see what happen.

Okay a fat monkey in training.

Step 1: put your hands at the ring.

A teacher to hold her hands while another will hold her feet up in the air.

Omg. my little fatty rabbit can do such a stunt.

Creepy Crawler in action.

Dora under the parachute.

Last activity of the day: Mystery Box!
And the children were presented to homemade shakers!

Intensified Dora.

Cool down session.
Dora with the walker to assist her independence.
Bth her expression.

N this photo was taken w compliments of Isa!

"Mei look!"

My feel about this session: 

Pros: Generally I find the teachers professional enough especially when its comes to handling babies of different ages. Dora attended the Crucero class and I think she was one of the oldest in there but the teachers were able to fill in the gap for the youngest baby to Dora. The teaching was also very consistent and language was clear and precise. What I like the most about the class is the flash cards session and also that activity will change say for every 15minutes or so. 

Cons: Classroom size was actually relatively small though it was big enough to accomodate the 4 sets of us. I guess it was manageable as not all babies had 2 adults accompanying them. Can you imagine the mayhem with 4 babies (or more) with 8 adults (or more)? I am not sure about what is the expected ratio but I think 4 babies in a room is a good ratio. Music was a tad too loud at times. I know they were trying to attract the babies attention or maybe I seriously have a low threshold for noise (which include music). The sound proofing in the room wasn't so good too cos I could literally hear the music from the other room. 

Well, obviously there were more pros than cons so I am going to sign Dora up. Wish my wallet good luck huh.

Overall review: 8.5/10

Price tag:
  • Will not go again unless otherwise
  • Affordable
  • Worth seeing/going
  • So expensive!

If you are interested to enrol your child, please do not hesistate to contact 


293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
SAFRA Toa Payoh #02-01
Singapore 319387
Tel: 6259 0307

**Disclaimer: We were not compensated in any monetary form. I signed up for a trial at $48 and all opinions are of my own.

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DinoMama said...

Looks like she is having fun!

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