Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The City: Indoor Interactive Playground at Liang Court

Here is what you are expecting in this post.
The City, the new interactive playground at Liang which many had swarm to.

The little flyer and namecards at the desk.

Cute little pictures on the wall is very much a welcome attractive point of this place.

Welcome to the Hero corner.


My "Hero"!

Then came along a boy who kept appearing in my pictures.


"Heroes" can get tired too.

My 返老还童 (translated as "rejuvenate to being young") friend.

See how well the kiddos play with her. They were trying to bury her in that stack of blocks. #

Some other corners of the play area: The Salon and Isa in a tent.

We are at the supermarket! Isa was not actually very interested to take a picture with me.


hey Mr Cashier! *ting ting ting* went the cashier's machine.

So I thought since Isa was not cooperative, I went over to take a picture of this cute little responsible policegirl who is very conscious of her job!

Isa at the Kitchen corner, meddling with the coffee machine.

Isa trying to give an injection to a very drama mama. By the way I love injections.

And just when I thought he was very oh-not-so-cooperative, I managed to dress him up in a few outfits!


The Cook, The Policeman


The Doctor and oh this so cute nurse, N. She is the daughter of my friend.

Here are some of the info that you might be interested in:

Admission feesAdults, Free
Babies under 1 year, Free
Under 2 years, $18
From 2 years, $22
All guests require to wear socks while playing at The City
Membership Package

For only $50 enjoy an Annual Membership! Benefits include: 10% discount per entry
5% discount per birthday party
Priority to access to explore The City
Exclusive discounts for The City events

Family Value Package
Buy 10 entries for $220 have additional 2 entries for Free!

Ok so about my opinions:

Pros: This new place has a good range to activities to engage children for at least an hour or so. Adults are required to supervise but you can leave the children to play while you can have your cuppa at the resting corner which I did not (because I want to be part of the fun!). They do have their own staff on random patrol to look out for the children's safety. Outside food and drinks are NOT prohibited which is a plus point as the choices at the snack bar were very limited i.e. no hot drinks or finger food was available. Activities should be able to attract children say from 1.5yrs to above 7yo. I don't see there was anything that would be attractive enough if I were to bring my 1yr along, which probably explains why the free admission for them. As for the latter was because anybody who was 7yr old and older, they might be too tall or big for the toys/costumes which are more suitable for 2-6yr olds. Lastly what I like about this place is that since this indoor interactive playground is a space for children to do pretend play and to build on to their imagination, you should expect less noise or running around.

Cons: I was actually quite happy about the range of products that were available at the supermarket but there was no clear labels on the items or the shelves. Some toys were already in bad condition (such as bit marks and torn sticky labels were visible). There was a pathway for the driven vehicles to go round but I feel the passageway was a wee bit tight for 3 different vehicles to go round. I keep looking out for toddlers who could been in the passageway. There are dangerous or blind spots in which you cannot anticipate that accidents could have happen, guess my ex preschool teacher's instinct was very strong. The corners of the walls in the block corner was not covered up in any form. See the picture with this sign (#). Children could have stepped on the stack of blocks and fall and hit the corner of the walls (worst scenario expected). Oh ya.. and if you forgot your socks? You have to pay a whopping $5 for per pair!

Overall rating: 8/10

Price tag: 
  • Will not go again unless otherwise
  • Affordable
  • Worth seeing/going
  • So expensive!

We were not compensated in any monetary form. I paid for Isa's entrance and my pair of (oh so expensive) pair of socks. All opinions are of our own.

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