Friday, March 08, 2013

Term 1.. we survived!

Time flies. K2 Term 1 is coming to an end and I just gotten the feedback from Isa's teacher in the form of a portfolio. Seriously I only looked at these two pages.

Feedback from the Chinese Teacher.
Simple translation: 
Isa's performance in class is stable but at times distracted. He is then able to focus if we remind him to pay his attention to his work. He tries his best to converse in Mandarin with the teacher and his peers in Mandarin which is commendable. He is also able to do his work independently and generally copes well and he also possess mathematical concept of up to 30. But he needs to work on his nursery rhymes. Keep it up!

Feedback from the English Teacher.
*distracted* again?
ho hum.

On a serious note. I felt these comments were quite okay. Quite okay in a sense that I understand the teacher has to give more objectives descriptive terms for the children. I really appreciate teachers. You really put in alot of effort for this rascal of mine. :)

And I am happy and very proud that we survived Spelling and 听写!! But there was a strange trend. Isa actually did better in the latter though he has less time to learn. And who say spelling was easy?

Here are his results for Term 1. Not very fantastic I would say but to me it was a huge effort from my son and that makes me contented. 

Son. We still have 3 more terms to work on before you are P1.
And I was kiasu. I signed him up for Berries yesterday. I just wanna make sure he can cope with HYPY and Mandarin next year. Wish me luck.

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