Sunday, March 03, 2013

Isa's first visit to the dentist.. Part 1

Beginning of the story..

Isa is K2 this year right. So I was quite prepared for him to have loose teeth of any kind. But boy I was in for a surprise!And while I was doing it, I spotted a decay molar!

I nearly went crazy and quickly went to book an appt with Dr Lee An Qi from Victoria Dentalcare at Rivervale Mall for his first visit. Seriously I am not sure how many more dentistry visits I will have after this, just that I am sure it will not stop at one.

In order to let Isa feel better, I booked my appt together with him. And he had to order me to be on the butcher's chair first. 
Ha.. thank God the condition of my teeth is not that bad but there had been two more little decay holes since 2007 and I had to do a follow up on this as well. Yes it has been that long since I last visited a dentist.

Anyway here is Isadore in action.

the doubtful look.

still happy..


Dr gave him a cutey pair of crab sunglass to wear.

Trying out his sunglass.

There she is, Dr Lee.

Then he had to go for an xray to check the depth of his decay tooth.
It is the second molar on the top left side.

This special brown outfit is the anti-xray radiation suit.

Still very cooperative.

Ok done.

There u see, the black shadow on the top row is the decay tooth and the U shaped shadow on the same tooth is the nerve (or what they call the pulp) of the molar.

Here is a clearer picture on which is the second molar.

Verdict: Root canal required. :(

Last round of brushing before going off.

His reward from the dentist: a sticker for doing a good job!

Second step: we were referred to a pediatric dentist in KKH for the follow up.
Will update in another post as our appointment is on 21 March 2013. *gulps*

By the way, some tips to keep your children's teeth in good condition? "Let them brush and help them at times if possible" was the dentist's advice. Guess I was too slack. I let him brush and monitor still it slipped my mind that he did not brush properly thus the molar had the chance to become decay. 

So for now, what we can do it to encourage Isa to brush his teeth for 3 minutes each time, twice a day.
Till next post.

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Dr. Arun Narang said...

A root canal? Yikes! Hopefully that experience didn’t scare him off from going to dentist in the future. Though the lack of crying photos is a positive thing. Haha! I hope there weren’t any further complications with his teeth.

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