Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A family full of dreams..

Life is such. When you are single, you hope to get married, When you are married, you hope to have your own home. When you have your own home, you hope to have children and the list goes on. 

Well you can say that I am a person who is easily contented. I do not need a super lavishing lifestyle (ok I still splurge at times) nor do I carry a branded bag with a whopping price tag. What I know I want is a family that I can call my own. But life is not always smooth sailing. We all have our own trials, before it a good or a bad experience. We all have untold stories. And here is a glimpse of how much my family has achieved: the joys we have had and the pain we went though.

  • We moved into our first matrimonial place in 2005. Did our traditional wedding with just a buffet at our place.
  • Then came along Isa in 2007. We had to feed the child with our miserable pay. We were happy but yet lost at the same time. To be frank, we could barely make ends meet.
  • Isa and I moved to my parents' place. Cost were lower but my hubs and I live apart during the weekdays. Took up tuition part time to increase my income.
  • Accident came in 2009. Hope was lost. I cried till I had no more tears left. My heart was wrenched. But I placed my faith in Him.
  • We moved back home in 2010. We then decided that we should try to have another baby. Got domestic help.
  • Our joy Dora came in 2012! He answered our prayers! 
  • We sold our home in the same year. So how now? 
  • Rental for 2 years. We are renting by the whole unit, it hurts to know how much we are losing out after you do the sums.
  • Waiting for our new place to come in 2014! We are downsizing to a 4rm flat. 

Looks good? It is definitely cos we have chose to see the brighter side of things.   We might not have been the family that went through that much. But I am very glad that I have found the right person to get married to. Just because we share the same dreams. The same person who I call "baby", the same person who I knew he was the one when I was 18. Since then, there was no turning back. We took a leap to everything, we took the risk together. *Hi baby* And now with what we have, we know what we have chosen may not the best but it is definitely good enough for our family of 4. We are thankful that we have a rooftop (although it is a rental one) over our heads, we have our kids to hug to bed and also we have food to eat. 

It certainly did not take us many years for us to realize that 家家有本难念的经 (translated as "Every family will each have their own set of problems) but here is our story. At least it is a decent story to tell our kids that it really took a lot to build our little family together.

So what are your trials and tribulations? Do hop over to see how much stronger we have become, how much we had learnt and perhaps how much tears we had shred.


mabel :) said...

indeed, with the right partner, no matter how bad the cards you're dealt with is, you will be able to find the upside of things :)

Rachel said...

So much upheavals in a short 7 years! You are blessed to have a hb that loves u so, is extremely supportive and stands by u through it all. Indeed when our eyes and hope are on the Lord, He will surely see us through. Thanks for sharing Connie, I seem to know u so much more after reading this post :)

Anonymous said...

Very good post. I will be dealing with many of these issues as well.

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Connie Huang Low said...

Thanks Mabel.

Rachel: Thank you too. Yes I do place my eyes and hope on Him. For He is the only One who can lead us to the Way. We should meet up soon ya? :)

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