Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 13: Laugh

Beware. Her laughters are very contagious.

And I simply love it when Isa tries to make Mei mei laugh.

Day 12: Joy

Joy is about knowing we have a rooftop over our heads for our love ones. Not forgetting to be thankful to God.

construction of my new place. ready only in Dec 2014. :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 11: Family

Taken on 19 January 2013
on the wedding night of Andy and Nicholl.
My family from my paternal side.
Anyone of you has a similar family size like mine?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

Eczema related..

No I do not have them. But both my children have them from their Dad. The learning curve was not an easy one as I had many trials and errors on how to handle and tackle them. Trying out and stocking them up at home the different types of cleanser and moisturiser was always on my list.

One of most tricky ones that I had proudly handle and conquered was milk feed.

Some time ago, I was approached by Mei at Eczemablues. I am very honoured as I am featured in her post today. Do hop over to see how I managed eczema outbreak for my daughter during her infancy period.

Parents with eczema or if your child/ren have eczema, remember, you are not alone. Do read up tips on how Mei shares with us on how the others handle eczema.

Thanks Mei for featuring us.

Toilet Rolls..

Just when you thought a toilet roll cupboard is useless, it was fun to her.
It was fun watching her how she managed to squeeze her right arm into it yet she could not do it with her left. It was fun how she tried to "talk" into the toilet roll yet end up biting it.
It was just fun. 
Thank God for moments like this.

Day 9: 1st Birthdays

This post actually gave me to a chance to write more about this traditional ritual for my children's first birthdays. Commonly known as "Dua Zhe" (Hokkien - loosely translated as "big seating" in their first birthday)
Does anyone still practise this "Dua Zhe" ritual in your family?

Here are some simple translations on the items of Dua Zhe:
  • Food: means the child will always have food to eat but old folks chose to believe that the child is a glutton
  • Abacus or Calculator: Child will have a penchant for statistics or financing
  • Stationery: the child will be industrious and endowed with great literary talents
In my family, we usually chose some items under the different categories. There are no hard and fast rules. In case if you want to know more about this  practice.

Oh ya, if you saw, both my kids chose the pen. Did someone say industrious and great literary talents?

*look at sky and wonder*

Anyway here are the photographs.

Jan 2008 - When Isa was 1 year old.
There were a few posts on his birthday then.

Jan 2013 - When Dora was 1 year old.
The original post.

The videos that showed it all.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 8: Birth

3 is the number of births I had: 2 babies and an angel.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The City: Indoor Interactive Playground at Liang Court

Here is what you are expecting in this post.
The City, the new interactive playground at Liang which many had swarm to.

The little flyer and namecards at the desk.

Cute little pictures on the wall is very much a welcome attractive point of this place.

Welcome to the Hero corner.


My "Hero"!

Then came along a boy who kept appearing in my pictures.


"Heroes" can get tired too.

My 返老还童 (translated as "rejuvenate to being young") friend.

See how well the kiddos play with her. They were trying to bury her in that stack of blocks. #

Some other corners of the play area: The Salon and Isa in a tent.

We are at the supermarket! Isa was not actually very interested to take a picture with me.


hey Mr Cashier! *ting ting ting* went the cashier's machine.

So I thought since Isa was not cooperative, I went over to take a picture of this cute little responsible policegirl who is very conscious of her job!

Isa at the Kitchen corner, meddling with the coffee machine.

Isa trying to give an injection to a very drama mama. By the way I love injections.

And just when I thought he was very oh-not-so-cooperative, I managed to dress him up in a few outfits!


The Cook, The Policeman


The Doctor and oh this so cute nurse, N. She is the daughter of my friend.

Here are some of the info that you might be interested in:

Admission feesAdults, Free
Babies under 1 year, Free
Under 2 years, $18
From 2 years, $22
All guests require to wear socks while playing at The City
Membership Package

For only $50 enjoy an Annual Membership! Benefits include: 10% discount per entry
5% discount per birthday party
Priority to access to explore The City
Exclusive discounts for The City events

Family Value Package
Buy 10 entries for $220 have additional 2 entries for Free!

Ok so about my opinions:

Pros: This new place has a good range to activities to engage children for at least an hour or so. Adults are required to supervise but you can leave the children to play while you can have your cuppa at the resting corner which I did not (because I want to be part of the fun!). They do have their own staff on random patrol to look out for the children's safety. Outside food and drinks are NOT prohibited which is a plus point as the choices at the snack bar were very limited i.e. no hot drinks or finger food was available. Activities should be able to attract children say from 1.5yrs to above 7yo. I don't see there was anything that would be attractive enough if I were to bring my 1yr along, which probably explains why the free admission for them. As for the latter was because anybody who was 7yr old and older, they might be too tall or big for the toys/costumes which are more suitable for 2-6yr olds. Lastly what I like about this place is that since this indoor interactive playground is a space for children to do pretend play and to build on to their imagination, you should expect less noise or running around.

Cons: I was actually quite happy about the range of products that were available at the supermarket but there was no clear labels on the items or the shelves. Some toys were already in bad condition (such as bit marks and torn sticky labels were visible). There was a pathway for the driven vehicles to go round but I feel the passageway was a wee bit tight for 3 different vehicles to go round. I keep looking out for toddlers who could been in the passageway. There are dangerous or blind spots in which you cannot anticipate that accidents could have happen, guess my ex preschool teacher's instinct was very strong. The corners of the walls in the block corner was not covered up in any form. See the picture with this sign (#). Children could have stepped on the stack of blocks and fall and hit the corner of the walls (worst scenario expected). Oh ya.. and if you forgot your socks? You have to pay a whopping $5 for per pair!

Overall rating: 8/10

Price tag: 
  • Will not go again unless otherwise
  • Affordable
  • Worth seeing/going
  • So expensive!

We were not compensated in any monetary form. I paid for Isa's entrance and my pair of (oh so expensive) pair of socks. All opinions are of our own.

Day 7: Hope

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A family full of dreams..

Life is such. When you are single, you hope to get married, When you are married, you hope to have your own home. When you have your own home, you hope to have children and the list goes on. 

Well you can say that I am a person who is easily contented. I do not need a super lavishing lifestyle (ok I still splurge at times) nor do I carry a branded bag with a whopping price tag. What I know I want is a family that I can call my own. But life is not always smooth sailing. We all have our own trials, before it a good or a bad experience. We all have untold stories. And here is a glimpse of how much my family has achieved: the joys we have had and the pain we went though.

  • We moved into our first matrimonial place in 2005. Did our traditional wedding with just a buffet at our place.
  • Then came along Isa in 2007. We had to feed the child with our miserable pay. We were happy but yet lost at the same time. To be frank, we could barely make ends meet.
  • Isa and I moved to my parents' place. Cost were lower but my hubs and I live apart during the weekdays. Took up tuition part time to increase my income.
  • Accident came in 2009. Hope was lost. I cried till I had no more tears left. My heart was wrenched. But I placed my faith in Him.
  • We moved back home in 2010. We then decided that we should try to have another baby. Got domestic help.
  • Our joy Dora came in 2012! He answered our prayers! 
  • We sold our home in the same year. So how now? 
  • Rental for 2 years. We are renting by the whole unit, it hurts to know how much we are losing out after you do the sums.
  • Waiting for our new place to come in 2014! We are downsizing to a 4rm flat. 

Looks good? It is definitely cos we have chose to see the brighter side of things.   We might not have been the family that went through that much. But I am very glad that I have found the right person to get married to. Just because we share the same dreams. The same person who I call "baby", the same person who I knew he was the one when I was 18. Since then, there was no turning back. We took a leap to everything, we took the risk together. *Hi baby* And now with what we have, we know what we have chosen may not the best but it is definitely good enough for our family of 4. We are thankful that we have a rooftop (although it is a rental one) over our heads, we have our kids to hug to bed and also we have food to eat. 

It certainly did not take us many years for us to realize that 家家有本难念的经 (translated as "Every family will each have their own set of problems) but here is our story. At least it is a decent story to tell our kids that it really took a lot to build our little family together.

So what are your trials and tribulations? Do hop over to see how much stronger we have become, how much we had learnt and perhaps how much tears we had shred.

Day 6: Ultrasound..



Monday, March 18, 2013

Disney on Ice.. 17 March 2012

It was our first Disney on Ice.

Excited Isa to know that his girlfriend is coming with us!
Never failing to give her a big hug upon seeing her.

Talking to his lil friend in the backseat.

The purchase of a icy pop in a plastic bottle that cost us $14. This kind of price tag is common isnt it?

There you are, the show.
There was stories, singing, dances related with Snow White, Aladdin, Little Mermaid and etc

Scenes from Snow White..

Scenes from Little Mermaid..

Us, after the show.

We were a happy lot after the show. But if you were to ask me if I would want to come again?
I would say, "yes but not in another few years time".

Verdict: Show started on time and was to captivate my 6yr old boy who is not even into the Disney princess series though he knows most of them. The overall stunts were very attractive for us, first timer. The lil firework effects liven up and brought the audience to a climax nearing to the end of the show. Air conditioning was adjusted as expected, I was expecting that we would be cold so we were all plonking there in jeans and jackets. See how easy my son took it even after the show?

I could see there were alot of older toddlers who were fidgeting through out the show, I guess the interval in the middle helps solves this bottleneck issue. Guess it was the venue but you have to walk alot down the stairs just to get to the washroom.

Overall rating: 8.5/10
Price tag:

  • Will not go again unless otherwise
  • Affordable
  • Worth seeing/going
  • So expensive!

We were not compensated in any monetary form. We purchased our tickets and all opinions are of our own.

Day 5: Home..

Though I had already bade farewell to our first #home, it held many memories for us.

Just for this post. Here is a sneak preview of our new place.
ready by 2014 December. How exciting.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 4: Love..

L.O.V.E.  the pillars of support of my life.
My folks and my kids.

Thank you God for taking care of them.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 3: Wedding..

the date was 06-05-04
How fast time flies.

It seemed to be just a while ago that we exchanged our vows. Then came the flat then the customary wedding. 9yrs down the road, we are more than contented that we have a rooftop over our head and of course not forgetting our 2 lovely kids.

What more can I ask for? 
Ok maybe one more kid? 
LOL.. who am I kidding right?
God has all the answers for us.
Have a great day.

Friday, March 15, 2013

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