Monday, February 11, 2013

Things to do during CNY..

First: You need to know how to SMILE with a pair of oranges.

it is ok if you cant speak in fluent sentences yet but very important you must show your joyous face!

Second: You must know who to "angkat". 
(translated as get into their good books)

This is my maternal grandma thus she is Dora's great grandma. 
I bet she gave Dora a BIG ang bao.

Third: You must learn how to listen to the "old folks" tales.

This is my Ray's maternal side Uncle and Aunt 
thus Dora has to address them as "kao gong " and "kum po" 
(translated as Great grand uncle and Great grand auntie in cantonese)

Fourth: you can call someone if you are bored

"Hello popo! I miss you!"

Lastly: Please rem to fill up your stomach in the midst of visiting!

"See what I am cooking mama!"

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