Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Carton Box..

From packing to moving to unpacking. All done in 3 weeks. And we are not done with unpacking yet!!
And in the midst of this, I had to help out at my cousin's wedding and also to celebrate the kiddos' birthdays.

We had to battle Isa and the fever and an eye infection which let him to be out of school for a week. Now mei mei is down with her post MMRV's fever. Did I mention we are also preparing for CNY?
I am simply on a Supermom mode now.

Week 1
Procrastination mode

And obviously inertia is still in place..
we started with 50 empty cartons.

The night before moving.
I slept for only 2 hours.
And I am not kidding. 

The morning itself.
In the midst of moving. All things are out in the corridor.

Superior movers is the name of the company.
They literally fit my stuffs into 1.5 load of lorries.

The last friday night before we hand our keys over on 31/01.
Goodbye our first home. 
You had held many memories for us.

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