Monday, January 14, 2013

Preparing for Pri 1.. starts from Kindy 2

Though this huge milestone is only coming next year for my baby, I am all out to prepare him for school.

And yes we are talking about Isadore going on to Primary 1. Just like any other mums, I am a kiasu (meaning scared to lose) one. I may not be the extreme kind but at least in my own point of view (as a ex preschool educator), I know where my son stands.

For a start, let me share with you something that you might not know about Isa. He is quite a witty child since young. Just like his Dad, he is a very observant one too. He don't possess super good memory but at least he remember to behave at our expectations. To be honest, I am not a mum who focus alot of academic development for him. I am one who focus teaching him more on life long skills or survival skills, whichever you prefer to call it. Whatever he learnt when he was much younger, was ALL taught by my mum and by his teachers in school. Why my mum? This is because  we moved back to my parents' house as my workplace then was near to their home. Also I was busy earning extra income by giving tuition in the night time back then so now I regretted. Regretted so badly that I do not mind having a $800 slash off my remuneration now so that I can have some afternoons off to accompany Isa and to "walk" with him through this very important phrase of his life.

Here's how I geared myself.. or for Isadore. And son, if you happen to read this when you are older:
This is just the beginning. And mama promised to walk through with you your whole learning journey.

By the way, Isa is only attending swimming (outside school), HPY and art lesson (in school) for now.
Let's see how he cope.

the books that I target to finish by the end of this year.

mei mei trying to act as if she knows what is going on.
Oh no  her schooling is another issue that I am going to face.

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DinoMama said...

OMG! Pls come teach my son too hahah~

Connie Huang Low said...

ah... wait Z say i too fierce how?? lol.. im considering, fill u in details when i see u again la :)

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