Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Someone growing another.. Tooth!!

Today Dora is 10mths n a half month exactly and her 3rd tooth is budding out!
Thank God for your blessings on her. No wonder she has been cranky during the last two weeks. Oh did I mention there was one night, I mean morning she woke up at 5am to "play" with my hair? I fret not n woke up to accompany her. But of course i could not wake up for work thr next day obviously. Now that i know, perhaps it was her sore gums which woke her up. Poor lil girl.

Thank God for the patience that is bestow to me this time for Dora. I knew something was not right. I thought the flu bug hit her as her nose was runny n blocked. Thank God the virus did not hit her too hard as Zyrtec, Sterimar n Illadine works fine for her. And most important her mucus was usually clear n thin.

Though her nose is still a bit runny but at least she is still active, eats n sleeps well. So I learn how to put my feet on the table n relax a little. It is just another teething phase. :)

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