Sunday, December 23, 2012

First of so many..

Today is such an important day that I need jot it down.

1. Pinu had her first fall, from the bed n nobody saw.

A loud thud followed by cries with her arms sprawl out on the floor. Bruise is under her right eye n she recovered from her shock in about 5min.

2. Pinu went to overseas for the first time.

We self drive to JB Bukit Indah, had dinner and did some grocery shipping. Pinu was so excited about the trip that she missed her last nap.

3. Pinu's 4th and 5th tooth are emerging.

Good things comes in pair they say? One top and one bottom. Hello sleepless nights n midnight cries.

There is always a first time to so many things huh.. :)

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