Friday, December 21, 2012

Cooking lunch for 30+ children..

At this part of the year, the the auntie who usually cooks for us at my working place usually take a week of leave thus I was honoured  to be the lousy stand in cook for two days. 

Day 1:

Rice with baked beans/potatoes/sausages

17 cups of rice. 

baked beans with potato and sausages

Day 2: 
Macaroni with pasta sauce

3kg of macaroni all wiped out.

Boiling the pasta

Then I had to drain dry the macaroni.

Cream sauce

Adding olive oil to the boiled macaroni to make it al dente

Happy children eating! :D

What a satisfying experience. If you need stand in cook for a day or two, do let me knw. I am serious. :)


DinoMama said...

And you said you did not take any photos! You Liar! hahaha~

Well done! You did it and made it out alive! hahaha~ Now your school's cook can go on MORE holidays wahahaha~

Eh... 17 cups of rice @.@ scary.... Teach me how to do the cream sauce~~~

Connie Huang Low said...

heheheh.. keep thinking of u ma so take photo and sapot u ma! easy what cream sauce.. buy the bottle one lor! and add a bit of water

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