Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Attempt to get a passport photo..out of a 10mth old

It is holiday season and we thought this is a good time to apply a passport for Dora cos we intend to go for a road trip after Christmas. 

So one fine night, we wanted to try to take a picture of our cute lil Dora. But boy we really didnt expect it to be so challenging!

So attempt 1:
I had placed Dora on a high chair with a "modified"white" background.
And she seemed quite enthusiastic about it.

is my hair untidy?

ok checked. another side.

my personal favourite

oops.. since when pinu become a blond.

then we had another round of attempt

what is this face? *slap forehead*

the 1million face.. super nooob

cutest pie!
ah.. do you think this will qualify for a passport after editing?

Round 2 taking photos!

Pretending to cough.. kay siao!!

See it is such a breeze to take a picture of Isa! :D *love*
Think I will use this for his next round renewal.

super stunned face!

Mei mei! Guess what she is holding in her hands!

Finally one decent shot. This is the one which I had cropped and edited for her actual passport photo.

Cheeky fatty cheeks!

She is getting tired of mama's shots.

Faster la mama..

There you see, she is holding the box of her Sterimar spray.


She still thinking her Sterimar spray box is more interesting.

Mei mie look here! Obviously she is not interested.

There you are.. the final work that I had sent for passport making.


DinoMama said...

Hahaha~~ Hilarious! U can make a collate of it n print out.

Cute mei mei! Meet auntie soon ok?

Madeline Heng said...

That is really a lot of photos just for one passport shot! Haha

Connie Huang Low said...

Dinomama: sure come my place one day!
Madeline: hahaha reli alot huh.. it only shows how challenging the task was.. never had a problem with my son then.

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