Monday, December 31, 2012


One month short of her 1st birthday. Here are Isadora's milestones:

She drinks 3 x milk of 150ml, 1x cereal for bfast and 2 other main course such as porridge and pasta or even rice with soup.
She eats fruits such as apple, pear, papaya, honeydew, plums and etc. Eats veg such as sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, beet root and such.
She can self feed bite size biscuits.

She can get into sitting position from a lying position just by using her right arm.
She know how to wave bye/hello.
She can clap her hands upon prompting.
She can smile back at your if you smile at her or tries to make her smile.
She knows how to read a angry face.
She can stand assisted, say at the side of a playpen. Can pick herself up if she didnt loose her grip.

She can cruise!!! Yes!! And cruise till her pants dropped on the playpen n we didn't realize that.

I thank The Lord for these littlest achievements.

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