Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy birthday to my dear Sister on 30/12

My first try at a batik cake was not so disappointing for my dear sister's birthday.

She said that though it does not look that appealing but the taste is passable.

Hope to bake more for you my dear Sis!

May The Lord lead you the best way out of your life. Have a blessed birthday! :)
And of course not forgetting we love you!

Love from the Low family
Ray, Connie, Isa and Dora


One month short of her 1st birthday. Here are Isadora's milestones:

She drinks 3 x milk of 150ml, 1x cereal for bfast and 2 other main course such as porridge and pasta or even rice with soup.
She eats fruits such as apple, pear, papaya, honeydew, plums and etc. Eats veg such as sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, beet root and such.
She can self feed bite size biscuits.

She can get into sitting position from a lying position just by using her right arm.
She know how to wave bye/hello.
She can clap her hands upon prompting.
She can smile back at your if you smile at her or tries to make her smile.
She knows how to read a angry face.
She can stand assisted, say at the side of a playpen. Can pick herself up if she didnt loose her grip.

She can cruise!!! Yes!! And cruise till her pants dropped on the playpen n we didn't realize that.

I thank The Lord for these littlest achievements.

Friday, December 28, 2012

DIY crafts with kids..

The end of the year holidays came and time passed so quickly that it is coming to an end!

And while we were into the long and torturing  December holidays, I had to plan for some crafty activities with the kiddos at my centre. So after some brainstorming and gathering of some ideas from my all time favourite blog Singapore Mommy Bloggers (you girls rawk!). I did the following crafts and food tasting sessions with the kiddos. And technically since we were into the December Christmasy mood, most of our craft were Christmas inspired. Here are my humble sharings:

Week 1: 
Handprints Christmas Wreath

the children getting ready.

The Bong brothers.

A helped MH to trace out the shape of his palms.

End product: MY handprints Christmas wreath.

Week 2: Cookies and Banana Cake

My asst baker demonstrating to the kiddos how to fold in the flour.

upside down banana cake

Week 3: Snow Globe

Materials needed for snow globe

our end products

Week 3: Recycle Materials Flower Pot

Week 4: Scrapbooking with recycled materials (yet again)

Have fun doing art work with your children!

Christmas 2012..

First gathering 
22 December, Sat

Second gathering
24th December, Sat

A very beautiful princessy theme Christmas tree.
Definitely one of the best I have ever seen.

See the amount of presents under the tree?

Pinu's funny face!


See my lady boss.

All the presents for me and the kiddos :) thank you my dear friends!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

First of so many..

Today is such an important day that I need jot it down.

1. Pinu had her first fall, from the bed n nobody saw.

A loud thud followed by cries with her arms sprawl out on the floor. Bruise is under her right eye n she recovered from her shock in about 5min.

2. Pinu went to overseas for the first time.

We self drive to JB Bukit Indah, had dinner and did some grocery shipping. Pinu was so excited about the trip that she missed her last nap.

3. Pinu's 4th and 5th tooth are emerging.

Good things comes in pair they say? One top and one bottom. Hello sleepless nights n midnight cries.

There is always a first time to so many things huh.. :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cooking lunch for 30+ children..

At this part of the year, the the auntie who usually cooks for us at my working place usually take a week of leave thus I was honoured  to be the lousy stand in cook for two days. 

Day 1:

Rice with baked beans/potatoes/sausages

17 cups of rice. 

baked beans with potato and sausages

Day 2: 
Macaroni with pasta sauce

3kg of macaroni all wiped out.

Boiling the pasta

Then I had to drain dry the macaroni.

Cream sauce

Adding olive oil to the boiled macaroni to make it al dente

Happy children eating! :D

What a satisfying experience. If you need stand in cook for a day or two, do let me knw. I am serious. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Someone growing another.. Tooth!!

Today Dora is 10mths n a half month exactly and her 3rd tooth is budding out!
Thank God for your blessings on her. No wonder she has been cranky during the last two weeks. Oh did I mention there was one night, I mean morning she woke up at 5am to "play" with my hair? I fret not n woke up to accompany her. But of course i could not wake up for work thr next day obviously. Now that i know, perhaps it was her sore gums which woke her up. Poor lil girl.

Thank God for the patience that is bestow to me this time for Dora. I knew something was not right. I thought the flu bug hit her as her nose was runny n blocked. Thank God the virus did not hit her too hard as Zyrtec, Sterimar n Illadine works fine for her. And most important her mucus was usually clear n thin.

Though her nose is still a bit runny but at least she is still active, eats n sleeps well. So I learn how to put my feet on the table n relax a little. It is just another teething phase. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Attempt to get a passport photo..out of a 10mth old

It is holiday season and we thought this is a good time to apply a passport for Dora cos we intend to go for a road trip after Christmas. 

So one fine night, we wanted to try to take a picture of our cute lil Dora. But boy we really didnt expect it to be so challenging!

So attempt 1:
I had placed Dora on a high chair with a "modified"white" background.
And she seemed quite enthusiastic about it.

is my hair untidy?

ok checked. another side.

my personal favourite

oops.. since when pinu become a blond.

then we had another round of attempt

what is this face? *slap forehead*

the 1million face.. super nooob

cutest pie!
ah.. do you think this will qualify for a passport after editing?

Round 2 taking photos!

Pretending to cough.. kay siao!!

See it is such a breeze to take a picture of Isa! :D *love*
Think I will use this for his next round renewal.

super stunned face!

Mei mei! Guess what she is holding in her hands!

Finally one decent shot. This is the one which I had cropped and edited for her actual passport photo.

Cheeky fatty cheeks!

She is getting tired of mama's shots.

Faster la mama..

There you see, she is holding the box of her Sterimar spray.


She still thinking her Sterimar spray box is more interesting.

Mei mie look here! Obviously she is not interested.

There you are.. the final work that I had sent for passport making.

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