Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving Thanks - to my helpers

I don't usually blog about helpers and such as I respect about their privacy. But after reading Jiahui's writing about hers, I feel I should show some acknowldgement about mine too! :D

Ever since we got married, we didn't think we need help. Then we gave in, we had our hourly form of helper who would come in once every 2 weeks to come do the more massive chores. Then if you know, we sorta of moved back to my mom's place in 2008 so that my parents can take care of Isa after work as I had to slog like hell then for my previous (one and only corporate job). But in 2009, I had an accident. Then in 2010, we felt it was enough. I was too tired and knew that I could not withhold it anymore. So we arranged and applied for Mary Jane to come. Our first form live in helper started her stint in 2010 December. 

December 2010: Her name was Mary Jane. She is the same age as I am. She is the sister of my cousin's maid so she was direct hired rather. She only had a 3 yr experience working in Lebanon, Middle East and she was diploma trained in sewing. She sewed many things for my household, pillow and bolsters casing for the children, cushions covers etc. She is from Philipines. Just my personal preference to engaged one from Philipines than any other country. She was a kind soul but can be impatient with my lil brat though. But overall I would say we treated her quite well enough till we feel she could not handle my 2 kids with the chores. So we bade goodbye to her just this August. I didn't had the heart to send her back cos I knew she needed the money to send home so I sent her for a transfer just last August. There you are: Mary Jane.

Isa and Yaya in Jan 2011. Her 2nd month with us.

August 2012: Then we got our second helper, Helen which we address her as Auntie as she is much older than me. She is 44 and had 15 yrs of experience working in Malaysia and Kuwait. She is my other cousin's maid's cousin. Another direct hired case. Though she cannot handle chores as well as I am but she cooks fantastic food and she simply has her way with my children. Both my kids adore her though obviously I knew my younger one is very sticky with her. She is such a godsend cos she is so patient (much more patient) with the kids than I am. She seemed to be able to read my mind on what I wanted to do next (example things to prepare for an outing). She got along so well with my family and she is such a humble lady. There you are: my Auntie.

Dora with Auntie in Oct 2012, her 2nd month us too.

Dear God, I thank you for bestowing me with such good help. I really appreciate them, really.

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