Saturday, November 17, 2012

Small Spaces: Places for petite people. Study Living Area

Linking up with Justina's and our whole group of SMB mom all doing a similar write up about the above topic.

In my humble abode, this is the way I had organized my children's items at home. Up till now, this corner contains mainly of Isadore's items.

Other than using the shelving from a branded company, I had also clearly labelled each boxes in order to encourage Isa to read and also to sort out his own toys.

Labels are meant to be simple.

Then inside the big containers, I had also sorted out toys into different ziplocks.
I do not label the ziplock to prevent confusion.

A bagful of petrol kisok related toys, a bagful of chuggington toys, a box of Lego and so on.

In another big box are the uncategorized big items such as the trucks and etc

Before revamp, the boxes were basically stacked on top on one another.

After revamp, what we did was to purchase the structure of the shelving units.

This shelves contain mainly toys.

As for books, I mainly just place them in a bigger version of this storage series. You should spot it in the next picture to come.

This is one of the corner of my house in which the study tables are place next to one another.
No particular rational behind it but since papa's table is right there, it would only make sense that his son's table is beside it too, right?

The blue box that is next to the coffee table contains Isadore's storybooks.
Books are also available under the coffee table. Messy you might say.
But my philosophy of reading: the proximity of books should always be near and should always be available to children so that they can read anytime.

There, the main role of the day. Think he was trying to doodle something.

There it is. My humble Study Living Area in my small apartment.

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