Wednesday, November 07, 2012

{Product Review} Qubies!

I was never so hardworking with Isa and his pureé when he was younger. I don't know when and how I became so hardworking with Dora's. When Dora was 4 mths old, I bought her first set of pureé containers online. Not recommending any other brands here though.

Anyway this is my first time reviewing a product and comments are sincerely of my own.

So one day I chanced upon Qubies! The folks from New Baby Singapore was nice to enough to let me try out this amazing upside down ice cream tray.

Let me share with you what how I prepare and store by using the Qubies:
Here is the link to how I prepare homemade puree.

reading all instructions before attempting to put anything into it.

First attempt apples and apricot

Then I mixed in the beetroot.

So convenient, beetroot, apples and apricot!
I am such a visual mom! I love to add colours to my children's food.

Verdict: The Qubies is such a wonderful product as not only it is easy to wash and clean, the portions are equally divided by the partitions that is attached on the cover!

And here is the good news for you all my readers! New Baby Singapore are giving a 10% discount and free normal postage with every purchase of Qubies (the normal RP is S$29.9). Please send Elisa (New Baby Singapore) an email ( or leave a PM on their facebook page. Remember to quote "RCQPromo" to enjoy this offer and note that this offer is ending at the end of this month! They are available in a cool shade pink, aqua and lime. 

Additional info:
  • Video demo on preparation

By the way, Qubies is having their Qutest Baby Contest. This is how you can participate:

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