Monday, November 19, 2012

Preparing for primary 1..

After reading my dear friends Jenn's and Pat's posts about their preparation for their children earlier this month and I had to put myself down for reflection for this phase of Isa's life. Just to clarify that Isa is ONLY going on to P1 in 2014.

Thus I felt so inspired to jot down my thoughts for the above topic.

Before I embark to write a series on this topic. Here are some points that pop out in my mind:

  • How early did you all started preparing yourself and your child for this phase? 
    • 2 yr before or more?
    • Do you think a good preschool is a good stepping stone?
  • What did you do to prepare your child? 
    • In terms of academic and emotional.
  • What is your take on how much is enough?
    • I met this mum who sends her 5 yr old son and he is attending 7 enrichment classes and she still think it is not enough! 
    • I have also met another mom who only send her 5 yr old son to a chinese enrichment class and she felt it was enough.
    • I have meet parents who don't send their children to any enrichment classes before they go to primary school.
  • Survival skills
    • how do you transit your child (who grow up in a typical childcare or a kindergarten) to a school that is so HUGE~
Join us on this journey of which every parent will go through.
I shall share with you more of what I do as a parent to prepare my darling son for this very important phase of his life.

Jenn's badge on "Starting Primary 1"


DinoMama said...

I send my son to Arts enrichment class and its enough. I think I'm the most relax parent hahaha~

Thanks for joining my Starting Primary One journey!

Connie Huang Low said...

me also similar, he only done art last yr and this yr swimming. planning for something next yr though aka mum Connie's extra lesson! hahaha

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