Thursday, November 15, 2012

Money not enough..

As a daughter, wife, mom and a woman. We all love to spend but here I would like to share with you some tips and tricks on this hobby of mine. That is to spend your money more prudently. Here are some examples:
  • Share packages: Spilt the cost of a package of a indoor playground or manicure sessions with your friends!
  • Buy in bulk : buy them by the cartons! The maximum number of cartons that I can fit into my humble sedan car is 6! 
  • Go for warehouse sale: Take leave from work and go as early as 30min before starting time
  • Find the right group of friends who share your same interests: companion is very impt. The next point will tell you why.
  • Strategize your shopping during the sale: one grab while another Q

I have found my group of ladies buddies who are always there for me,
Have you?

Here are a few scenarios of what my kakis and I can do.

Charles and Keith warehouse sale

My loots
Damage: $129 for all these purchase

ELC toy sale

My children's loot
Damage: $60+

Expo Baby Fair

 Loots for 5 families of average 2 children per family.
Damage: $120 for 4 cartons of diapers for Dora. These can at least last her for a couple of months.

My kakis.
Thank you my dear friends.
This post is specially dedicated to all of you.

Do share with me on how to spend our money more prudently ya?


MummyMoo said...

Ey!! When you organise bulk purchase next time... count me in, hor! Haha!!

Connie Huang Low said...

hahaha okok!!

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