Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Meeting Z..

Just one of those days after work that I decided to meet up with my friend Jenn and her son Z, 6.
Very interesting and smart boy that I know.
Such a good fate cos these two boys are going to the same primary school next time! :)
Z is going to be in P1 next yr but Isa will only go in 2014.. but they are only 5mths apart!

Candid shot!

ok the most decent picture of the day!

cheeky ones! 

funny faces!

omg! boys..

and this was a good shot I think cos I said, "Freeze and funny face!"

There you are, Z and Isa.


MummyMoo said...

...and I thought boys cannot be cute! Hahaha!!

Connie Huang Low said...

ya Regina! hahaha.. we had such a hilarious night!

DinoMama said...

Whats with the pose on the 4th photo! My boy look so GIRL!!!!!!!!

Thanks Connie for taking these photo (while I was in the toilet hahaha~)

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