Friday, November 23, 2012

500 calories diet

Post natal weight? I got it. 

To be honest, I gained about 10+ kg after my two kids and even after umpteen tries to shred them off, but to no avail, they still decided to be loyal to me.

So recently I decided to embark on this very important journey (with a friend who is almost finishing the diet) so that I can look my best for my cousin's wedding in January 2013. See ah xiu, you are so important to me! 

Anyway in a nutshell, in case if you do not know, I am into a special diet recently. And yes I have to craft meals of NOT more than 500 calories* everyday and if you know what is the name of the diet, please show your support by not saying the name of it till I complete my first cycle at day 21. Also please do not call me crazy or insane for attempting such a daring diet. I am definitely under close supervision and had doctor's advice so please show me your support, negative advise will be ignore. :P

Anyway here are some healthy and yummilicious meals that I had prepared so far for my 500 calories a day meals.

You also follow me on twitter @sherbetgal or instagram @sherbetgal for more updated pictures on my healthy meals. Today is day 10 by the way and I had so far shredded 3.2kg :)

Just to highlight that I do not use any form of oil in my cooking. Just salt, pepper and spices at times. I will be more than happy to share my receipes and tips with you. 

100g chicken breast meat with mixed greens
168 calories

Salad with 100g tilapia and celery.
150 calories

who I am kiding right?

Stir fried 100g of ground beef with cabbage and onion
topped with one whole egg white
330 calories
a bit over my expected calories for a meal though

100g of prawns in soup with spinach with curry spice.
188 calories

Rye wrap with lettuce, cucumber, 100g of chicken breast, cottage cheese.
250 calories

I actually felt guilty eating this. :D

Join me and my friend Jenn in her write ups about food in Foodie Friday.


Please DO NOT attempt my 500 calorie diet without any doctor's advise as our bodies are all in different condition. I do top up with a supplement which explains why I can do this 500 calories diet. Please do NOT risk your health by attempting this diet unsupervised. Thank you.

I do not represent any company or had been compensated to do this writing. This writing about this diet is purely on my experience with this brand of products in which I will reveal later.


DinoMama said...

Ok i admit, i was shocked (to the max) when u told me that in your car. Worry too coz I've seen cases of dieting that went wrong.

Since I know its a safe diet I support you! Hope you get your desired weight back soon!

Connie Huang Low said...

Dont worry im in safe hands kekekekek

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