Thursday, October 11, 2012

Polliwogs at ECP..

On the day when I was nursing a bad headache, someone had his whale of his time.

the gang!
minus Dora mei mei.. who is always left behind at home with my helper

The youngest of the lot!
Sherrill mei mei with her pretty outfit and headband.

love this lil sweetie pie Chloe. 
I know she always give me the look but I adore her to the bits!


my lil man!
How charming his smile is.

Nichole with Isa.
one word: innocence

and us! the mummies gang!
my NE group of BFF. :)

Anyway J signed up a package with Polliwogs for that day.
$129 for 8 sessions.
This includes a $20 food voucher and discounted rate for their play session. 
I woud say it is a good catch as the place is cosy and very child friendly. This is my second time here and would love to bring Isa back again. 

Disclaimer: This blog entry is non advertorial based and no monetary compensation was made to me, all opinions are of my own.

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