Monday, October 08, 2012

My typical day..

Here is a sneak pic of my typical weekday.. I shall try to attempt a weekend version.

645am - 7am
My alarm clock rings..  There I try to hit the snooze button till my final call at 7am. I just try to spend another 5minutes in bed with this little cutie pie. She will usually wake up when I am up too. I will pass her to my helper while I showers.

Showers and dress up.

Me whisks off to the kitchen to gulp down my vitamins with water, makes milk for Isadore.

Wakes Isadore with a warm bottle of milk. Oh yes he is still on the bottle. We had made a pact to let him wean it off by his 6th birthday.. Let's see what happens. 

While he tries to struggle out of bed to the bathroom, I will get his already-ironed uniform that is hanging in my other bedroom. *thank God for helper*

730am-740am: we make our way out. But not forgetting to give my sweetie pie a high-5 and plants a wet kiss on her! "Bye mei mei.. I see you in the evening!"

The level of our humble flat. Waiting for the lift while shouting out to mei mei the second bye.

Carpark: see my tired young man on a typical Monday.

Driving while eating breakfast. 

For him: a slice of bread with spread. Me: 2 slices of wholemeal bread with egg mayo (menu may differ for everyday). Driving young man to school. I like to let the young man to take his breakfast in the car as 1. He can take his time to eat (a mere 10minutes drive is better than me yelling at him for 10min at home) 2. He can daze while chewing his food. You can see it clearly from this picture. 
Anyway I am a breakfast person thus to me it is alright if he cannot finish his slice (on the occasions but normally he would) since he already had 120ml of milk earlier. But this (perhaps crazy) mum think 120ml of milk is simply not sufficient for a growing boy like Isadore! So this extra slice of bread comes in handy.

At the drop off porch. The school provides an extra service of opening, closing the car doors and shuttling kids off to the gate. This is such a good service as generally if we dont need to park only means we save time as parents! If you notice, there is actually another lane on the left, and this lane is actually reserved for school bus so that cars and buses don't share lanes. Nice arrangement huh?

Reaches workplace

My lower primary class. Oh I work in a student care, in case you were wondering. 

Checks their work followed by tuition:

Sending off the kids to school followed by lunch, online shopping, checking the kids via the camera or perhaps a short snooze if I am really tired.

Fetches the upper pri kids back from school. They will have their shower follow by lunch.


Tuition with the upper pri kiddos. My love and hate affair with them.

Home sweet home!!

Playground time!
I try to bring the kiddos to the playground till dusk. I try to cultivate this tv-less session at least 2-3 times a week. The other sessions, I would bring the kiddos for a evening after dinner walk at either Punggol Waterway or Punggol Park. 

oh mei mei mini me.. you are so adorable! 

Dinner time. Ok think I was too hungry for dinner that I forgotten to snap pictures.
Anyway Isadore will be sitting at his kiddo table, plonk right in front of the television while Papa Ray and I will be at the dining table, eating and yaking about our daily stuffs at work.

Life after marriage, after kids.
It is play time!

Kor Kor loves to entertain mei mei with the cloth napkin. 

Mei mei will take a power nap while kor kor catch up with my assigned work. Usually it consists of a mere 3-4 pages of writing / matching / colouring activities from random assessement books I bought for him. And the number of pages that he can accomplish depends on his mood.

How to sleep when they are grinning from ear to ear?

Usually by this time, our room will be silent and lights are already dimmed. I will catch up on what I need to. Blogshop purchases, bills to be paid online, blogs entry and such.

Tomorrow will be the same, for 5 days a week.
I simply love my life, what about you?

My post is part of a series of all these wonderful mommies' chronicles. Do hop over to sapot.

By the way, this is my 500th post. :)


Geraldine said...

You really have a mini-me! :) Like your day!

Connie Huang Low said...

Thanks Geraldine! I really love my day, my job and my life! Though I still dream of a long holiday at times kekekeke

MamaJ said...

Congrats on that 500th post! ;)

Thanks for letting us take a peek into your life! It was interesting being able to see how student care is run! And its so nice that the kids get some time at the playground or park in the evenings. :) Sounds like each day is busy but fulfilling for you!

Our Family said...

Hi Connie,

I happened to see your blogpost from fb and the kpo me started reading your other entries :)

120ml of milk is definitely not enough for a growing boy. Somemore, they only have biscuits for them for morning session rite? So it's gd to give Isa some bread. I still feel 1 slice is not enough....haha...mb I compare him to Amadeus since they r same yr...Amadeus drank 150 ml of milk plus 2 slices of bread wif ham for breakfast.

Connie Huang Low said...

Hi Rose
ah.. im reli not a milk person so 120ml is ok so far for korkor. The menu for school can vary from biscuits to porridge to macaroni in school. It should suffice cos Isa is usually back by 1130 and he has lunch by 12pm.

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