Monday, October 22, 2012

Explorer Kids.. 20 Oct 2012

Our first time at Explorer Kids..
Even mei mei get to play!

Halloween mood is not over yet.

Our brave lil man showing us "The Cave". which turns out to be the entry to another play area.

Like I said, even mei mei gets to play!
In the baby ball pool of course.
Then she attempts to jump on the soft cushy foam block. 

See how eager looking she is.
Did I mention that she has been awake since 730am in the morning and when I took this picture at 2pm, she was still wide awake!
She finally KO-ed at 215pm.

Kor kor in the deep ball pool
He was happy to literally jump into the pool though there was a sign that read "No Jumping". 
Well Isa attempted a few times and nobody came to stop him.
So you could see the vigilance level of the staff.
Then after 20min of jumping and  "walking" in the ball pool, he came out upon my request as I realized the ball pool was getting too crowded for about 10 children.

Isa at the climbing framwork structure. Ok I just realize this picture made him look like he is being trapped inside the structure. :P

At the exit. Ok Isa. You are getting very tall. How can my lovey baby grow so fast?

Anyway peeps, here are my sharing of info.

Non members: $25 for first hr, $6 subsequent hour
adult $2, NTUC silvercard member $1

Members: one time membership of $15
adult $2, NTUC silvercard member $1
will expire when child turns 12years of age
first hour $15, subsequent hour $4

babies below 2, as along as accompanied with a paid child ticket will get to go in for free

obviously we took the latter package so in the end we only paid abt $38 for a whole hour of fun!

Pro: Clean airy space inside the playareas. There is also a specific area for parents to sit down to rest while the children roam.

Cons: Not that much "things" to play with except for the Adventure Highlands climbing structure. Ball pool for 3 yr and above is too deep and the staff were happily chatting till a girl came crying out of the ball pool. Staff were not vigilant. There is a certain smell emiting from the play area, think it could be sanitiser smell but still.. 

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Disclaimer: This blog entry is non advertorial based and no monetary compensation was made to me, all opinions are of my own.

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