Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Lows meeting the Lows..

16 yrs ago, both mummies were just two little brats in secondary school. Today we stand tall with our blissful families, with our lovely kids..

N no I am not admitting I am old. I am just turning older n wider wiser, 
right Kit?

the evening date began with a fatty super model.. who think that the price tag is yummy..

then changed her mind and hope that a badana can make her look more girly.

I just dont understand why someone still can ask her if she is a girl or boy when she is wearing a PINK dress. ok it was the FT who asked.

Then came lovely Matthew korkor who keeps wanting to carry mei mei.. aww so sweet of him

then came the lollipop buddies.. 

and boy it was such a challenge to capture a nice pictures of the boys!

ah.. finally.... after a ice lemon tea bribing-coaxing method.

hey Nathan! look here! 

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