Friday, August 24, 2012

Foodie Friday.. Pureé

Of recent, I have been quite enthusiastic about blog entries.. First it was the arrival of pinu then it was the 1mth blogging challenge.. now it is this new kid on the block that will makes me even more motivated to blog about.. and it will be on every Friday.

Not sure if I can keep to my word of doing it on every Friday but I hope I will as now I resume the role of being the weekend chef at home. One more push factor is that my HCP has finally arrived! 

Ok back to the above topic. Before both my kids turned 6mths, this very eager mom has been waiting and wanting to feed them with puree or cereal with any kind. So I finally took the plunge for both my kids when they were 5.5 mths.

So to begin with, if you happen to have a baby at home who is at about 6mths, here are some advice that you need to your research / reading on:
  • Baby's tongue thrust reflex / gagging in babies
  • When to introduce semi solids?
  • Bumbo chair
Basically I do most of my reading from BabyCentre as they have a huge range of information in child caring.

So for a start, I actually prep myself up for this new label and I will present to you my new forte.
  • Preparing fruits or vegetables
    • Always remember the 4 day wait rule.
    • I had introduced apples, pear, pumpkin, sweet potato, banana, papaya and avacado.

Please wash your hands before the preparation of the puree.

I usually remove the skin then cut fruits / vegetables into small bites portions.
  • Steaming
    • Manual way of steaming: 
      • put fruits / vegetables in a bowl (ceramic preferably in a pot half filled with water).
      • Steam the fruits / vegetables for no more than 5min.

    • Beaba Babycook All in One steamer / blender
      • Put the recommended amount of water into the water retention compartment and turn on the power to steam
      • Equipment will off once steaming process is complete.

  • Blending
    • Demonstrating on how to use the Philips hand blender.

Blending apple and pear. I blended it for about 20secs.

    • Demonstrating on how to use the Beaba Babycook All in One blender.

Removing partially of the water that had been emitted from the pumpkin during steaming.

Blending sweet potato. I blended it for about 20secs.

    • *Optional - using a sieve to manually blend the fruits / vegetable.
      • You will have to place the steamed fruits / vegetables on top of the sieve, then you try to push the fruits / vegetable thru the sieve.
      • Collected puree will usually appear underneath the sieve. 

  •  BPA free containers for storing puree
    • I am using two different brands / sizes. 
    • Forgotten the brands


Filling containers up with puree.
All done up! Ready for freezing!

Alot of you may ask why I opt for freezing the puree as it saves time and effort. My helper is alone at home taking care of my two darlings thus I had opt to do so. This will also allow her to have more time to spend on the children rather than the chores when we are not around. As you can see, my average amount for freezing will usually last Ms Pinu's feeding for a week as I usually give her this portion of puree with her cereal in the mornings only. Her other two cereal feeding will be supplemented with one scoop of her milk powder.

Here are some guidelines on freezing puree.

Last but not least.. Remember to clean up your mess!

Disclaimer: This blog entry is non advertorial based and no monetary compensation was made to me, all opinions are of my own.

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DinoMama said...

wah! so detailed! Even show the necessary equipment n containers to use.

Connie Huang Low said...

hahahah.. well.. hmm.. first food post ma so i try to do it well la :) support u ma.

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