Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Domestic helper..

This is my first post on this above topic. Never did I feel comfortable writing about it cos I reckon I would always definitely mention more negativity than the other. Though I try to curb my emotions in this wee hours but this is definite worth an entry.

Well guess I would have to brace myself this time as I continue to learn how to man the rope in handling manpower issues at home.

Just to kick start this topic.

I had my first domestic helper way back in Dec 2010. We decided to hire one cos we know we were planning to have no 2. So guess it would be good to have her come in earlier than expected so that she can get familiarize before the baby comes along. And also we were planning to switch Isa from full day childcare to a kindy so as to cut cost.

So I went to ask around. Asking around in a sense that I look for my own maid rather than pick from the pool from the agency. Why this choice you might ask. Well I always believe recommendation by word of mouth definitely works better than advertisements (from the agent's mouth).

So ta dah.. my cousin's maid who was on good talking terms with me told me that her sister was actually looking for a employer in Singapore as well! So with a stroke of luck or not.. we went to process her paperwork and it really was not such a breeze.. we waited, went for our holidays in Perth, came back.. called and sms.. still she was not here yet! So finally on 3rd December, she arrived in Singapore and we went to fetch her from the agent. Her name was Mary Jane and her only working experience was in Lebanon, Middle East for 3 years. We always call her yaya for short. "Yaya" in Tagalog means "worker".

For the first year with us, she was like the glue in the gap or the cement in between the bricks. She was literally a good helper from all directions. She could do anything everything.. especially when it comes to catching pests, she is good! When it comes to children's routine, she was also doing good! Cooking so-so but she had a way through my son's stomach. My dearest son is a quite a picky eater u see and to make him happy with your cooking is like asking the emperor to pick a delicacy in that sense.

Everything was fine.. till the arrival of Ms Pinu. Hmm ok.. ya definitely after the arrival of Ms Pinu.

Talk about cutting cost, we decided not to engage a confinement aunty as it was expensive and it was not practical cos my humble home simply could not house another person.

So confinement was a breeze cos there was no one to nag at me, no one to shout at me and I could breastfeed all I want. Plus I could bath! but I was good enough to just do it from the 5th day after birth.

Anyway.. cut the story short. Soon after we realized yaya could not cope well. We talked to her, asked her and counsel her. But I think she didnt realize she is not coping well with the 2 kids and the chores and etc.

Her standard of cleaning went from bad to worse to worst.. there was always something that she forgets.. either the tabletop is not clean or the rag is on the floor or the mop is not being washed. Worst.. she did not even check my pant's pocket for tissue before she washed it.. Mind you, she handwashed it and she did not even check. Thank God it was not dollar bills.

One month passed and another month passed.. I tolerated and gave her chance and told her off nicely and harshly.. apparently the latter worked but I literally felt like a bitc*. This was not me. This was not the yaya we knew. She changed.. maybe this was her true colours. She slackened she hit her phone buttons more often than she touched the pots and pans. She also grew more impatient with my son.. n daughter. :( it just seemed that everything was tearing apart.

So on the fateful morning of 2nd August, we bade farewell to her. Told her in the morning that I will sending her to the agent as I had already found a helper which I could pay lesser (in terms of remuneration). I did not even want to give her a chance. This is me, not wiling to entertain nonsense.
Bye yaya..

Shall write more about my new maid in the next "All about maids" entry.
It is 12:26am now. Shall catch some winks before my lil one wakes up to do her business.

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