Tuesday, July 31, 2012


To my littlest..

Before you start to grow any bigger.. Let me jot down your milestones before my memory fails me.

  • You can turn on both sides only when you were about 5mths old.
  • You can recognize familiar faces
  • You never fail to make someone smile with your trademark noob face.
  • You sort of know where is the camera cos you will look at the camera when I want to take a picture of you.
  • You stand at 9.1kg n you have your first bout of sickness two days ago n you already have suspected bronchitis n this makes my heart ache.
  • You love kor kor when he plays with you. Nothing beats your priceless chuckling when you are happy.
  • Your favourite game is Peekaboo for now.
  • You are always spotted with your kor kor's bolster. You always bully kor kor with your thunderous cries too.
  • Mama's chest is your favourite sleeping area cos it is the place that is spotted with your drool.
  • How can I forget this: You are Ray papa's number 1 underslug girl! :D you will know why pinu is also called Underslug Girl if you had heard our story.

What else?
Let me see n I will update as I remember.

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