Tuesday, June 26, 2012

21 June: A day in the West..

West Coast Park..
Beautiful place..
But mummy Connie dislike sand so Isa dislike them too 
so no play in the sandy playground..

Just kites and running and lotsa of running and more running!

love the HUGE space..
but some children just decided to literally sit in the middle of the road 
cos there were afraid of getting dirty
sad to say.. these are the modern city kids

so pampered till L had to remove his shoes and socks and knock 'em off
in the middle of the road again?

my lil buddy.. enjoying his day

then he started getting cheeky..

I seriously have no idea what was the pose were about..

ok finally one decent photo.

sorry but those were not my favourite. I just like the colour contrast of this pic.

West Coast Recreation Centre
Definitely a first try for Isa to "bowl" with an actual bowling ball..

Can someone please explain to me why girls are sorta attracted to him?

Best score of the 10 frame game: 15 pins down :)
Good try baby.

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