Thursday, May 03, 2012


Recently I have been feeling very inspirational.. to write that is. If you know me, I am a person who is the A typical one who usually will go around with a pen (at least) and/or a piece of paper. Then, I usually have the habit of keeping a old school brown cover exercise book in which I will write "Connie's notebook" outside so to help me keep track of what I do/need.

But time has changed. I learnt that I had to dump my this old brown exercise book and start to learn to write in a paper-less and ink-less world. So I started blogging. I could not decide if I should start a blog just ranting stuff about myself or what not. Then I got pregnant. Guess that was my best motivating factor. So blogger became my best friend on a periodical basis. Technology was not so advanced then (Rather my knowledge of technology was not so advanced yet). Blogging means I must sit in front of that 14" monitor to type away my a typical day. Now it has become so convenient that I could just pull in an entry in less than 10 clicks on my iphone.

Anyway here are my (very proud) milestones of my (almost) 6 years of writings:

June 2006:

  • no kids (yet)
  • 16 June 2006 was the date to my first entry
May 2012:

  • mom of 2
  • typing my 416th entry

Now that I am grabbing the ropes of juggling my time to write. I will continue to provide you with snippets of my life.

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