Monday, May 14, 2012

Crying once, crying twice..

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Ms Pinu just fell sick.. again.
We sorta suspected that this time round she got the virus from Ray papa, as she got it from me two weeks ago but the virus went away after a couple of days. But scary to say, the current condition of her stuffy nose and crying got worst.
And I really meant worst. So much for an aching left arm.

Here is a typical crying session:
She can wail.. for a continuous 10 minutes. 
We tried cradling her and gave her a pacifier. Bottled fed her with water. Walked around and talked to her in a low tone voice. Rolled my eyes one thousand times while doing all the above. Technically speaking, when you thought that nothing works, her crying will stop suddenly.

One of the methods that works so far is a milk feed. But we can only do it when its near her feeding time. And best of all, she cannot be medicated cos she is too young! 
So guess we just have to try to be more patience with her while praying for her virus to go away.

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