Friday, April 13, 2012

My daily schedule..

In case you were wondering what does my daily schedule of mine comprise? Here is a sneak peak of it.

730am send Isa to sch
830am Dora's feeding time / reach home n have bfast
9am nap till 11am
1115am Isa gets off from school
1130-12pm Showers Isa n Dora's feeding time
1230-1pm Bath Dora / getting myself ready for work

2-6pm at work
7pm-8pm takes my dinner
9pm change Dora into her PJ / spend time with Isa to do his work
10-11pm giving milk to both Isa n Dora
2-3am Dora's feeding time
6am Dora's feeding time

Sounds ideal? So how many hours do I really get? That is not important. And not forgetting my dear lil princess don't exactly sleep after her every feed, just like she is talking to herself n smiling away while I write this entry. It is 3:16am now


That's all I can say. N I am absolutely enjoying every bit of this moment.

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