Friday, April 20, 2012


I'm sick or rather I just fell sick. No warnings no symptoms or anything. Or maybe there was n I chose to ignore.
So suddenly I was voiceless. The last few proper sentences I spoke was on
Wednesday afternoon when I had my English tuition class with my P5. I think God knew what I wanted to accomplish for that day n I did. N which after that late evening, my voice just disappear.
Sometimes this is human nature, many a times we do not realize the importance of a thing/skill that is always there until we lose them. Of cos I am saying that I am not taking my naturally loud voice for granted but rather the message that I hope to send across to my readers is that: do you have something or somebody whom u have right by your side n have your feel appreciated by their presence today?
Perhaps do what you need to do: give them a pat or if it's yourself that requires that form of encouragement, go ahead, pamper yourself today.
Anyway it's a good break for me to rest my voice cos I also learnt something: a whisper can also attract attention.
Good night. It's 5am in the morning.

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